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How different would your life be if you could trade in your stress, overwhelm and pain for more energy, passion and freedom?

... it would be FREAK'N AMAZING RIGHT?

That means I can make your tension melt away, help you embody your purpose as well as give your the tools and support you need to show up more powerful, productive and present!

Is this you?

Do you constantly feel like a ball of knots, unable to relax and enjoy the moment without making some weird sound because your body aches?

Are your needs are being pushed to the side because you’re busy taking care of everything and everyone else?

Is your relationships, business, health or finances suffering because you're stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted? It's hard to stay motivated and you just don't know where to start.

Are you're in a good place, but you want to push yourself and see how far you can really go and achieve more with your body, career or personal life?

You've have the hard conversations, tried things in the past to better manage stress, anxiety and disappointments, but it's not working?

Do you want to be more creative, inspired and confident so that you can measure up to your potential?

Take a deep breath, relax the shoulders, and LISTEN carefully.

Body-Mind Empowerment Sessions

I fuse together the healing arts of massage, yoga, meditation and personal coaching into a unique and empowerment session. I call this methodology Fusion.

Are you ready feel amazing in your body, energized and so empowered that you literally feel your purpose come to life?

Empowerment Coach + Massage Therapist [Artist & Healer] + Yoga Instructor + Retreat Leader & Supporter

What Others Have to Say

Fidel is truly a gift to the world! I've never had a therapist listen to my needs and actually follow through with every little detail, accustomed just to me! He's professional, respectful, genuine, and the whole experience was completely unique! I cannot recommend him enough.

Katie Van Brunt